Hi, there.  I’m Brett.  I’m a startup founder, husband, and father (of two boys) living in St Paul, MN.  I own and manage two companies: 1) 10fold Solutions, which is a web development and marketing shop, and 2) CartStack, a SaaS solution that provides ecommerce websites with a shopping cart abandonment plugin to recover lost sales.

A bit more about me…

My favorite quote:

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful”
– fortune cookie

My 5 year goals (2019):

1) Work < 35 hrs a week
2) Make $250k/yr +
3) Grow my family from 4 to 6 (or maybe even 7 – holy shit!)
4) Take one international vacation per year
5) Start another SaaS company

I love meeting other entrepreneurs :) So if you are in town – let’s grab coffee, if not – hit me up on Skype (brett.thoreson).