Missed Marketing Opportunity

While on my way to Rockford, IL to my wife’s grandma’s 90th birthday party a couple weeks ago I noticed something that struck me as a huge missed marketing opportunity.

I saw three or four semi trucks with these weird metal “fins” hanging from the back of their trailers. The metal pieces were large, probably about 8ft x 12ft, just bare metal. The only visual on the side fins was a small logo and tagline:

Logo – Trailer Tail
Tagline – something about aerodynamics

So I’m assuming these fins reduce fuel cost by minimizing drag.  Cool.

The missed opportunity is lack of messaging on a big ass piece of metal that is noticed by thousands of people a day.  Granted, most of the people that see this message are not the target market, but a few are.  Why not add something like this in HUGE Letters:

This piece of metal saves this truck $2,124 on fuel cost every year!


Who would have thought this fin could reduce fuel cost by 8%?

Really, just anything that is more noticeable/intriguing/memorable.  Just my two cents.